July 2021

Summer Pilates with JOY

Summer is finally here! And everyone who stays at home, but also everyone who goes on vacation and has internet access there, can pilat with Joy of Movement through July and August.

You have the choice between online mat training and offline mat and equipment training.

The online courses are not quite as numerous as in the previous months. But there are at least two courses a week and three in most weeks.

Since end of June I am offering offline Pilates as well. You can choose between single and duo lessons on the original Gratz® Pilates equipment in Hamburg-Wellingsbüttel.

Your very first lesson with Joy of Movement in the online courses is a free of charge trial lesson. The only requirement is that you have at least some Pilates experience.

If you are new to Pilates training, I recommend at least one individual or private lesson (online or offline) to get to know the basics (breathing, body awareness, concentration). This knowledge then enables you to take part in the current courses without any problems. And of course, in this case too, your first online mat pilates class is a free trial class.

The subscription system remains in place in Summer Pilates. On one hand this means that you are paying in advance, but on the other hand it guarantees you, that the classes you booked will definitely take place, regardless of the current number of participants on the day in question. Within the subscription period (in this case July and August) you can make up for lessons in all courses taking place and book additional lessons at a reduced price at any time.

You can find all prices here.

Please contact me for more information. I am happy to give you more details.

Let’s pilate together through the SUMMER with JOY!

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