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It’s the mind itself which shapes the body

I have been teaching online Pilates since mid-March. And I am pleased that I was able to move many people despite the social distancing.

For some time now most studios have been open again, albeit under different conditions: A-H-A rules, hygiene concepts, fewer participants per course and room.

But the corona crisis is not over yet and despite these new rules, many Pilates friends do not want to train in the studio, but prefer online Pilates.

Training and teaching Pilates online is of course very much different to Pilates offline. And in the last few months I have had a lot of experience both with teaching online and with training online.

What is missing online is the possibility of tactile corrections – the so-called “hands on”. Thus, audio-visual communication is given more weight in the virtual classroom. For me as a teacher, this means being very precise with the language and also finding images that can convey the exercises.

For me as a trainee, it means listening with concentration and abstracting what I have heard in such a way that I can bring it from my mind into my body. This means that I perceive my body carefully and my proprioception is trained more intensely.

But this is Pilates too. Especially in classical training, when each trainee trains his “own” program, these properties are important prerequisites and training goals.

Joseph Pilates wrote, “It’s the mind itself which shapes the body.”

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