About me

My Pilates journey started 26 years ago after the birth of my second child as I was looking for a gentle yet powerful training method. 

Pilates promised what I was looking for: strengthening the whole body, but especially the core, while also lengthening and stretching it.
When my children started school I started instructing dance classes for children and teenagers and dance workout classes for adults.

After moving to Dubai in 2011, I certified as a contemporary Pilates teacher with Pilatesmoves Australia, BodyHack Dubai and Pure Pilates Dubai. Since then I am teaching reformer, tower, chair, mat, pre-&postnatal, and Pre Pilates. 

In workshops and teacher trainings I am continuing my education and for the last six years I am adding more of the classical Pilates method to my own training and my teaching. 

In October 2018 I moved back to Hamburg with my family and I am now looking forward to sharing my Pilates knowledge here.

As a Pilates instructor I am focusing on holistic bodywork, in the sense of the six principles of Pilates: breathing, centering, concentration, precision, control and flowing movement.

Conscious breathing, mindful body awareness and graceful movement are the basics of my Pilates lessons.

Precision, concentration, sweat, and flowing movement are the content. 

Stability, mobility, flexibility, control, a better posture and the joy of movement are the goal.