June 2021

Pilates in real life

May is still not really May-like, but there is finally hope for improvement.

And even if the weather is only very slowly becoming more spring-like, the falling incidences and the latest resolutions of the Hamburg Senate promise that we can hope for a lasting easing of the corona measures.

In practice this means that the promised easing or the return to an “old” reality – I would rather speak of a “new” reality – will be possible from June onwards.

For Joy of Movement this means being able to offer single and duo lessons in my (admittedly small) home studio in Hamburg-Wellingsbüttel on original Gratz Pilates equipment.

Therefore, I would like to remind you of the current SPRING offer (see also my last newsletter), which can only be purchased until the end of May:

SPRING EXTRA 1 single hour € 50 instead of € 60
SPRING-EXTRA 2 duet hour € 25 instead of € 30 per person
All lessons can only be purchased until the end of May – the normal price will apply again from June.

The hours acquired are valid for three months from the first pilated lesson – so you don’t have to start pilating on the bones right away, but whenever it suits you.

If appointments cannot be kept due to illness or because I have to cancel, this three-month period will of course be extended.

I look forward to pilating with you into the springtime … and experiencing the Joy of Movement on the mat and at the Pilates apparati, online and offline.

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