What my clients say about Joy of Movement:

“Ruth is an excellent Pilates trainer – no matter on the mat or in equipment training. She attaches great importance to precision, has a great way of instructing and manages to generate new challenges and further developments over and over again through diverse variations in the execution of the exercises. Ruth also keeps her knowledge up-to-date and allows new impulses generated from it to flow into her training. She made me enthusiastic about PILATES so that I am already working with her for > 50 lessons. “

Barbara K. – Hamburg 2021

Dear Ruth, thank you for the Pilates lesson. Even though it was spontaneous and we have not worked together before, I was deeply impressed by how you could intuitively identify and hone in on all of the areas of my body that I need to work on. Your approach to teaching is very clear and fit in perfectly with the classical Pilates that I know. I felt safe and comfortable with your teaching, even when you challenged me in certain areas. What I loved was how your passion for The Work shines through. Your verbal and tactile cueing are clear, concise and very effective. Above all, I had a lot of fun working with you, and find you warm, kind and generous as a person and teacher. I look forward to seeing you again soon and learning more from you. Lots of love and gratitude, Xander.

Xander L. – Zug/CH 2020

Ruth is a wonderful woman and teacher. She challenged me well, I enjoyed every class.

Marion W. – Hamburg 2019

I wish you nothing but a great life Dear Ruth xx Continue to inspire through your amazing Teaching technique xx it’s been a privilege to have been a pupil of yours xx Dubais loss is Germanys gain

Philippa S. – Dubai 2018

Ruth was my teacher for almost a year while she was with Life’nOne in Dubai. I was totally new to Pilates when I joined her session but after the introductory class itself I fell for Pilates and I strongly believe it was because of Ruth and her teaching ethos. To sum it up Ruth teaches with ‘intention’ and her personality is so calming that you are drawn to her classes. I was heartbroken when she decided to leave Dubai but she did private sessions for me until the last day and then guided me to a great studio to ensure that I continue my practice. I will forever be grateful to her for bringing Pilates into my life – not many people will understand this but for someone who hated every form of exercise, to find a form and stick to it has been a journey in itself. 
So thank you Ruth and I am jealous of your new students in Hamburg who will get to enjoy your sessions!!!

Pushpa N. – Dubai 2018

Just wanted to say that your twice weekly Pilates sessions were a great help in so many ways, flexibility, balance, core strengthening, posture, inner peace and self motivation to name but a few. Most of the exercise positions are still embedded in my mind and will remain as something I can continue to practice on my own. Wishing you all the best for endeavors in Hamburg!

Kris Z.Dubai 2018

Working with Ruth was a perfect combination of core strengthening and body shaping exercises. Each session was tailored differently so it was never boring, which is very important factor to look forward to classes. We all got to know our body better and enjoyed working as a class. I will truly miss you!

Olia deV. – Dubai 2017

Very much enjoyed Ruth’s instruction during her Pilates classes at Zen Yoga in Dubai. Her verbal cues were precise and she was strongly committed to making sure the basics of classical Pilates were always observed – I can still hear her reminders about the two way stretch!

BarbaraDubai 2017