May 2021

Spring with JOY

It’s already May and we are in the middle of spring – but the current temperatures tell us something else. At the moment nothing really wakes our spring fever … and the pandemic situation is not exactly mood-lifting either.

That’s why here is now a small spring offer from Joy ・ of ・ Movement to cheer you up:

You can book the following offers until the end of May:

  • SPRING 1 1x Pilates training in a current class 17€ instead of 20€
  • SPRING 2 2x Pilates training in a current class 33€
  • SPRING 3 3x Pilates training in a current class 48€
  • SPRING 4 4x Pilates training in a current class 62€

SPRING 1-4 remain valid in all classes in the current program until the end of June (knowledge of Pilates is required!).
If you are not sure whether your Pilates knowledge or your fitness level is sufficient for the current classes, you might want to try private or duet lessons instead as they come with a special spring price too:

  • SPRING EXTRA 1 1 private 50€ instead of 60€
  • SPRING-EXTRA 2 1 duet 25€ instead of 30€ per person

Or you might want to treat yourself to the complete PILATES BEGINNER PACKAGE:

SUPER-SPRING 2 privates + 2x class training 120€ instead of 150€

Private and duet lessons can be taken both online and offline on the Pilates machines – provided that offline training is possible again

You can buy all offers until the end of May.

SPRING 1-4 are valid until the end of June.

SPRING-EXTRA 1 + 2 and SUPER-SPRING remain valid for the whole summer due to the given circumstances

I look forward to moving with you into spring … and experiencing the Joy of Movement on the mat, at the Pilates apparati, online and offline.

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