October 2019

New classes after the autumn break

From the 22nd of October onwards, I will be teaching three new Pilates classes.

Pilates matwork for beginners (without previous knowledge) in Volksdorf

Monday, 28.October – 16.December · 7:45pm · 8 weeks

Introduction to the Pilates matwork training with a special focus on breathing, balance and precision

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Fascia Pilates in Farmsen

Wednesday, October 23 – December 18 · 5:00 – 6:30 pm ・9 weeks

In Fascia-Pilates I am not only working with breathing, precision, centering and control like in any Pilates class. By adding turning, jumping, bouncing and stretching exercises, I also focus on the stretching and mobilisation of the fascia and its elasticity.

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Prenatal Pilates in Altona

Thursday, starts from 24th of October at 5:30pm

Pilates as a holistic training method allows a safe and soothing workout during pregnancy.

  •     Deep breathing
  •     mobilisation of the spine
  •     better balance
  •     more stability, mobility and flexibility
  •     an improved posture
  •     and stronger arm and leg muscles

are part and goal of my prenatal Pilates course. Stretching the whole body relieves tension, and the additional mobilisation of the shoulder girdle and spine helps to prevent and treat neck and back pain. Keeping the body agile during pregnancy while strengthening the arm and leg muscles will help you to carry the increased weight during pregnancy and the baby afterwards. Pilates training during pregnancy will prepare your body for the time after birth and will help it to regain its shape.

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