August 2021

News in September

August is already drawing to a close and here in the north it feels like late summer, sometimes even a bit autumnal.
The birch in my garden loses its first yellow leaves in the persistent rain and wind.
And so it is time to prepare for Pilates in late summer and autumn.

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who pilated with JOY so regularly during the two summer months, despite the heat and school holidays.
The summer focus was on the FLOW, i.e. on bringing together the known exercises, feeling the connections, the similarities and the flow of movements and breath. And we found and integrated the transitions and were thus able to experience the spirit and possibilities that are inherent in the classic mat.
I would like to take all of this into the next Joy of Movement season.

You will find the new timetable, which is valid from September, here.

Please note that there are new features!

  • At the moment there are no beginners courses in my timetable.
    • Instead of a beginners class (which naturally requires a minimum number of participants), I will offer introductory lessons at regular intervals in which new participants are instructed in the basic principles (breathing, body awareness and up to ten basic exercises) – so they will get a first personal “training plan” with which they can then participate in all current classes.
    • “New participant” means everyone
      • who has never done Pilates at all or
      • has never done Pilates with me or
      • maybe wants to get back on track after a long break and is no longer familiar with the exercises.
    • Participation in one or more intro lessons (optionally to be replaced by private lessons) is therefore from September onwards a mandatory requirement in order to join the current courses.
    • I have no particular date yet when the first intro lesson will take place. But I have planned intervals of four to six weeks – this depends on your demand 😉
    • And of course these classes are open to all participants to catch up on missed classes or as an additional lesson … because this return to the beginnings expands and deepens the own practice and perception.
    • My very first Pilates teacher Vesna Matthies called this ‘training in ZEN mode’: Pilates as if you have never done Pilates before.
    • This is a wonderful way of pilating, as one can experience every single exercise with deep breathing and a lot of quiet and time. In addition, this ZEN mode increases mindfulness and body awareness, and thus deepens the understanding of each individual exercise.
    • This way the Pilates classes will take place without major interruptions. Interruptions that inevitably arise when someone is brand new to Pilates or not familiar with the exercises.
    • Training without interruptions is the ideal prerequisite for being able to train with concentration on perfection and flow (three important Pilates principles!)
  • From September onwards I will be teaching the Tuesday morning lesson in English.
    • As you know, I did my training in English and for many years I taught exclusively in English.
    • Now I have found that this ability has become a bit rusty – which is not surprising, because everything is lost to a certain extent when we no longer use it. For this reason it has been a personal concern of mine for some time now to be able to teach in English again. And the Tuesday morning class is of course a good choice, as I am fortunate that this class already has an English-speaking participant 😉
    • If you would like to be guided and cued in English, you are very welcome in this class!
    • And of course this Tuesday morning class will remain open to all participants for catch up and for additionally bookings!
    • So if you want to join this class to catch up or do an additional class, but do not want to be taught in English, just let me know and I will then teach the lesson bilingually or in German.
  • I have now permanently pushed the Tuesday evening class to the later starting time of 7:30 p.m.

I am looking forward to move with you into autumn!

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