January 2021

New online courses

New Year – new luck

In my case, this means that I am starting 2021 differently than I ended 2020 – as you might have read already in my December post.

And so I currently teach four online courses a week: three BASIC and one INTERMEDIATE course.

The names indicate whether and what conditions are recommended.

BASIC introduces the Pilates method and the (beginner) exercises. It is suitable for beginners with and without previous knowledge and for Pilates experts who know Pilates but want to return to it after a long break (pregnancy, illness, travel, work …).

INTERMEDIATE builds on BASIC or requires a basic knowledge of the Pilates beginner exercises, adds further exercises to your exercise repertoire and trains the flow, i.e. the transitions between the individual exercises.

All courses are ongoing and you can join at any time.

I also offer individual training online. In these sessions, your training program is individualised and is therefore particularly suitable for movement restrictions, after injuries, postnatally, for beginners, as an introduction to the method, but also for deepening the exercises for Pilates “experts”

You will find my timetable in the menu under “Calendar”.

If you have any questions about dates, courses or prices, contact me – I look forward to hearing from you!

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