November 2019

New classes in Altona

Since this month I am teaching every Thursday at ElbPilates in Hamburg Altona.

Since the end of October, I am already offering a Prenatal-Pilates class. In addition I am also teaching a Pilates course for Level I-II since the beginning of November.

Prenatal Pilates in Altona

Thursday · since 24th October · 17:30 to 18:30

Pilates as a holistic training method allows a safe and soothing workout during pregnancy.

  •     Deep breathing
  •     mobilisation of the spine
  •     better balance
  •     more stability, mobility and flexibility
  •     an improved posture
  •     and stronger arm and leg muscles

are part and goal of my prenatal Pilates course. Stretching the whole body relieves tension, and the additional mobilisation of the shoulder girdle and spine helps to prevent and treat neck and back pain. Keeping the body agile during pregnancy while strengthening the arm and leg muscles will help you to carry the increased weight during pregnancy and the baby afterwards. Pilates training during pregnancy will prepare your body for the time after birth and will help it to regain its shape.

Pilates – Level I-II

Thursday · since 07.November · 18:45 – 19:45

One hour of holistic Pilates training on the mat and with equipment. It strengthens the body perception and balance, mobilises the spine, strengthens the inner and outer muscles. A additional focus is on the precision and control in the execution of each exercise.

The transitions between the exercises are also trained, so that the training can lead to a continuous, flowing movement, in the spirit of Joseph Pilates – the ideal training for mind, body and spirit.

The class is suitable for Level I-II, i.e. beginners and intermediate students are welcome. An entry is possible at any time and the trial lesson is free.

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