November 2020

Lockdown light

2020 remains as it was:

  • Covid-19
  • Contact restrictions
  • A-H-A +L +C rules:
    • keep your dist-A-nce – wash your H-ands – wear your face m-A-sk
    • + venti-L-ation
    • + C-orona Warn App

and unfortunately a lockdown again …

This time it’s the “light” version.

But this doesn’t make any difference to the Pilates studios and teachers and the face-to-face or offfline lessons.

As in March, in November we will only be able to do Pilates ONLINE.

In the event calendar you can see when and which Pilates Online classes I will be teaching.

For more info and for booking a class, please write me an Email or WhatsApp.

Stay healthy and safe and keep moving

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