October 2020

Back to the Studio

From 12th October I will be back teaching in the studio.

Of course the prerequisites and conditions will be very different compared to the beginning of the year:

  • The well-known hygiene rules Distance – Hand washing – Breathing mask apply
  • The studio can only be entered without shoes (must be removed outside) and in training clothes (the changing room remains closed)
  • You must please wash/desinfect your hands must after entering
  • Please bring your own towel to place on the mat and the equipment you use
  • Between the classes the whole studio is ventilated and the mats and devices are disinfected
  • As a teacher I will be wearing my mask while teaching – you can take off the mask during training
  • the maximum number of participants is limited to three

But of course I will continue teaching online.

You can find the whole timetable in my calendar.

I look forward to your registrations, questions and suggestions.

I am looking forward to seeing you soon in the studio.

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